F.A.C.T.S. is up and running!!! :)

Ok, we are running fashionably behind, and we must apologize for our technology failing us at the moment. Our flex-wraps are up!!! We are continuing to upload flex-wraps until this evening, when we will have all 30 flex-wraps up!! By tonight, we will have our first youtube video up on our “Flex-Wrap Fashion Tips” page, to show you different ways of wearing your flex-wraps! Thank you all for your support and patience as the two of us are figuring everything out! It means a lot to us, that you are supporting our cause and a socially responsible, small business endeavor!!!  Please comment on our blog or facebook or email us with comments!!! We appreciate all feedback, and we value your opinions very much!

Thank you to Libby Simons for being our first f.a.c.t.s. customer and supporting our cause!! 🙂


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